Schedule Cron Job in WordPress

How to easily Schedule Cron Job in WordPress


In Windows

1) Create new powershell executable (.ps1)

2) Add command(s) to be executed (eg. at C:\HostingSpace\Prot\WordpressChron.ps1)

Add define

('DISABLE_WP_CRON', 'true'); 

to wp-config above

 if (!defined('ABSPATH'))

Create new task in task scheduler to run the .ps1 file


In Linux

1. We execute commands as root with:

 sudo su

2. We create a new cron file for the commands we want to schedule

 crontab -e 0 */6 * * * wget ""

3. Restart cron service

sudo service cron restart

4. Check that locale timezone is ok


For more Info about wordpress cron check here

For Crontab in UbuntuĀ here

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